Unit 2- POP-UP Sculptures – Lesson 1 -Introduction

It’s the last week in April!!  Oh my Gosh!  Where did the days go?

You folks did a magnificent job of character designing.  Your model sheets are fantastic.

For a whole NEW approach to 3D art I want to mess around with making Pop-ups! 

Have you ever made a pop-up card or booklet?  They a definitely useful, three dimensional, and intriguing to make.

For this unit you will need a few important supplies.  Please take the rest of the day and get them organized.  Some of you have parents who are out of work because of the COVID19 virus.  If that is your situation you can’t help that so please do not put pressure on them to buy supplies!  Just let me know what you need and I’ll get it from the school for you.

Materials needed for this unit:

  1. Paper – at least 15 sheets –its better if you have “construction paper” because its stiffer and stronger and better than ordinary office paper, but if you don’t just use ordinary paper.
  2. Scissors
  3. Paper glue
  4. Tape -preferably clear.  And if you have double -sided tape you will LOVE using that too.
  5. Cutting surface – like a kitchen cutting board or a stack of newspapers or a magazine- if you have a real cutting board that’s pretty awesome, but the others work.
  6. Pencil and eraser
  7. Colouring tools – pencil crayons, markers, crayons or paints
  8. An Xacto knife – this is pretty useful and necessary. You can get them at the dollar store
  9. Ruler or straight edge

That’s it!  Now, have a look at Matthew Reinhart’s pop-up work.  It’s pretty great.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6JFYMJMQZ

LESSON #1-The Basic Box Pop-up:

In this first lesson of this “Pop-up” series I’d like you to watch Matthew Reinhart’s tutorial on how to make a basic box pop-up.   Once you have watched his video I ask you to make your own box pop-up:

For your pop-up work you will need paper, scissors, colouring tools and perhaps some glue.

Be sure that YOUR pop-up :

  1. Folds up into a “card”
  2. Opens into a pop-up
  3. Is a finished scene
  4. Is coloured                           Total      /10       Due:  Thursday, April 30  Send me a photo through email.        I will post Lesson 2 on Thursday.


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