Unit 1-Lesson 4 – Monday, April 20 -Final Assignment for “DESIGNING A CHARACTER IN 3D”

I’m pretty excited about all of the great character designs that you folks are doing.  It’s time to wrap up this unit with the final project –approach your character as a 3D sculptor by preparing a model sheet.

Remember the model sheet from the beginning of the unit?   You drew an object in your room from FOUR different points of view – front, back, side, and ¾ view.  All four drawings were to be side by side across the sheet of paper.  You drew horizontal lines through the paper to help you ensure that the features of your object all landed at the same height for every drawing.

Your final character design assignment is:

to prepare a model sheet of your newly designed character.

FIRST:  Decide the POSE that your character looks best in.  Kneeling? Hopping? Sitting? Charging? Your character is to be IN THAT SAME POSE in every viewpoint in your model sheet.

                                  Your character should also be holding or wearing an item that “speaks” about its personality.

If you were going to sculpt this character this pose would be the pose that you would sculpt it in (model sheets are the typical preparation that sculptors use before sculpting the work) If we return to school at the end of May you will sculpt your character out of clay.

SECOND:  You put your own body into the position that your character is going to be in for your project.  Then have a family member take photos of you in that position – from the front, side, back and ¾ view.  These photos are your ‘references”.  These photos are to help you imagine what your character will look like from each of these viewpoints.

THIRD: Select a new page in your sketchbook.  Turn it landscape so the widest part of the paper stretches across, not up and down.  Divide the width into four sections.  In the first section draw your character from the front.  Fill the section, drawing the character as big as you can in the space that you have.  Refine the lines.  Add the details.

FOURTH:  Using a straight edge or ruler if you have it, lightly draw horizontal lines across the entire page at important points of the character, for example marking the base of its head, its shirt line, belt line, the elbow line, knee line, etc.


FIFTH: Draw the character in the other three views across the page. Be sure that the landmarks that you drew lines across on the first drawing line up with those same landmarks on the second, third, AND fourth drawing.  That way the character proportions are identical in every viewpoint drawing.

SIXTH:  Refine and crisp your lines, using your eraser and a sure hand.  If you have a fineliner use that when your pencil lines are perfect.

SEVENTH: Colour your drawings.  You have already carefully determined the colour scheme of the character so that it is.


EIGHTH:  Write your character’s name across the model sheet (below or above – wherever you can)

Write 5 (five) fun facts about this character.

You have all week to do this assignment.  It is the final project at the end of this unit.  Due date for it is this Saturday, April 25.    Pace yourself this week. This project should take about three hours.

Fill in the self-assessment (below), take a photo of your model sheet, and email it and the assessment to me when completed.

May the 3D force be with you!

            Please complete this Self-Assessment:

Model Sheet Criteria: Did not do Somewhat accomplished Completely accomplished
1.       Model sheet contains a unique character design with unifying features throughout
2.       Character is in an interesting, active pose


3.       Each drawing of the same character and pose from 4 different points of view – front, back, side, and ¾ view-shows complete shape and form of each detail
4.       Your character drawing has the same PROPORTIONS consistently through all four drawings
5.       Your drawing lines are refined, sharp and clear throughout
6.       Your model sheet is coloured in a scheme that speaks clearly about the character’s personality
7.       Your character has a name and you’ve told 5 facts about it.


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