Unit #1 – STREET ART -Lesson 4 – RESEARCH a Street Art Artist

Hi.  How do you feel about me sticking to this style of learning – that is me posting the lessons on my blog? Would you rather meet from 9 to 10 am on “Microsoft Teams”?   I would really like to hear your thoughts, reactions, and/or suggestions.  Please email them to me. I am genuinely concerned about making the course accessible.

I sumitted mid-term report cards April 21.  I will accept any work after that and I will count the work towards the final report, not the mid-term.  You are not failing the mid-term report card if I have not contacted you or your parent already.

The Portfolio Design project and the Acrylic Painting project together make up 2/3 of the mid-term report card mark.  The clay sculpture work that we started and left incomplete in the cupboard DOES NOT COUNT.  Sorry.  1/3 of the mid-term mark comes from the activities you were to have been doing from my edublog dated April 7 through to April 17.  This week’s lesson assignments will count towards the final report card.

Street Art Artist Research –

One really good way of learning and practicing artistry is to find an artist’s work that you admire, and copy it.   Such copying is not creative work per se, however it certainly expands one’s awareness of art ideas, and it gives your hand and head the physical experience of certain methods of art making.  So…before I give you your own street art creating assignment, I ask you to research a Street Art Artist of your own choice.

*The artist can be from any country.

*They must have an online presence, preferably a website or an article about their work.

*They also must have done more than four significant, published pieces of work.

Here is a list of a few street Art artists (some are crews) that I know of that you might choose from.  Or you can use one that you know of.

Swoon                                             Lady Aiko

Osgemeos                                       Shepard Fairey

Ola Volo                                          Banksy

Keith Haring (early works)           Herakut

Alex Face                                         Jack Fox

Ela and Pitr                                     iheart

FAB crew                                         Dabs Myla

Miss Van                                         Phlegm

CBloxx                                             Vhils


I ask that your “research” entail one of the following two options:

OPTION 1:  Prepare a slideshow of the artist’s work.  Your slideshow should contain:

  1. Minimum five photos of their street art works
  2. Tell who the artist(s) is/are, artist’s name and in person name.
  3. Where do they work, ie. cities
  4. What materials and processes do the they use to make their work
  5. What is the content of their work about
  6. What motivates them to do this kind of art work
  7. What are some of the locations of their works and how does the content of the art work relate to the location
  8. Did they get commissioned to do the work, and if so by whom
  9. Describe why you find their work appealing
  10. Fun facts

Each of these questions is valued at 3 marks for thoroughness, totaling 30 marks for your slideshow.

OPTION 2: Prepare three FULL PAGE REPRODUCTIONS of three significant works of one artist. Send me photos of the reproductions and the original, plus the artist’s name.

Each of these reproductions is valued at 10 marks for detail, thoroughness, and accuracy, totaling 30 marks for the three.

Your research work, whichever of the two options you choose, is due this Friday night, April 24, but if you finish early you can begin the final Street Art project early.  I will post the final Street Art project on Wednesday. Please “tune in” to my edublog on Wednesday.

now,  I thought I’d share with you a blast from my past with this message for you:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DHRGrIqmb0




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