Environmental ethics

The 3 R’s song is a song that I always listened to growing up. I watched Curious George growing up, and this song was commonly used. Because the words are so catchy, and the song so upbeat, I remember it to this day. This song positively effected my environmental ethic, because of its promotion of reduce, reuse and recycling. I like to think that this song has helped me to realize my intentions towards the environment and be more cautious of my decisions

Phones have now become a necessity in every ones life. Ads like these have been playing for almost all my life, encouraging all of the public to buy new ones. This in my opinion is damaging on my environmental ethic. It is negative because the more new phones come out, the more I want to buy new ones. The need for constant new technology harms the environment because of the new materials that we are in constant need of. We take from the earth to get these new products, and use in for our benefit.


Mount St. Helen’s video

1.how did the eruption effect the people

using lazes to measure the mountain, and found that it was growing 5 ft. a day. They thought that this must be wrong for.

57 people were killed during its eruption, and most have never been found because of its massive landslides permanently covering the ground. if it would have happened on a different day, more than 300 people would have been killed because of the logging in the forest

Clear and clean lakes were formed by the eruption as opportunities for new life to grow, and new ecosystems to start. The plants survived the ash and pocked through the rocks creating a new start for its landscape

For the people who died in the eruption, they set up memorials, and ceremonies honoring their lives.

2. story

I asked my dad about his experiences with the mount st. Helen’s eruption in 1980. He said during the eruption he was camping in Bellingham Washington and heard a loud bang. He and the rest of his family just thought that is was mount baker erupting again. The spread of the ash didn’t effect him much, but he remembers where he was and what he was doing. He was eating breakfast with his family on a Sunday morning. The explosion didn’t effect his everyday life, but was a significant time to remember.


Volcanoes lab

  1. when I watched my volcano erupt, the pyroclastic flow was slow moving as it traveled down the volcano. It didn’t quite reach the city, but traveled down the side.
  2. when I watched the current eruption in Hawaii, the lava flow interrupted the natural and physical aspects of the landscape. As it flowed, the rocks destroyed everything in its path, creating a deserted landscape where everything was gone in its wake. where there used to be houses and green landscapes, are now all lava rock, from the eruption.
  3. Hawaii was created by volcanic eruption in the first place. The volcanoes were created by holes in the tectonic plated by hot spots. This means that the islands were once non existent. Volcanic eruption is vital for this islands to grow and stay on the map, because if it didn’t happen, Hawaii would be non existent
  4. People respond by evacuating the area and studying the effects of the lava. Since the flow is slow, they have time to evacuate and move somewhere else. The lava flowing from the volcano is so destructive, that it slowly wiped out peoples houses, and now they are left without a place that they call their own.
  5. If a mountain near here erupted, so many people would be effected because of the densely packed communities with house after house. However since there are so many hills and valleys within our area, it would funnel out some of the lava flow, keeping some of our cities safe.

Garibaldi Lake Task



If the barrier did break, the majority of the water would drain out of the lake, but since there are uneven depth of the lake, some of the water would stay in the depth of the lake. From the force of the water, most of it would drain from the gravitational pull.


I used https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Garibaldi_Lake to do my research to get the surface area and the average depth of the lake. I used any past knowledge to conduct the rest of my research to find the estimate volume of Garibaldi lake.



RAC 2018

Though out the week, I have worked on my random acts of caring towards other people to ease their lives. I chose to hold the door open for other people and smile, and say please and thank you to people and be sincere about it. I chose to do these two things so I could effect many people that I may not know, and preform each act of kindness multiple times. While I was going into school in the morning, I would always open the door for people behind me, and they would always smile and say thank you in return. I tried to do this as many times as I could throughout the week, and when someone would hold the door open for me, in return I would smile at them and say thank you. Whenever someone would do something kind for me, I would always sincerely say thank you, and appreciate all their efforts. The people who received these random acts of kindness always smiles and appreciated my doings. They appreciate all the little things that people around us do for each other. Seeing these reactions made me feel fulfilled about my simple acts of kindness and inspired me to go out of my way to do something nice for other people. I enjoy seeing the pleased reactions of other people for doing something simple. Doing these random acts of kindness I became more aware of how I can effect other people. I learned to respect everyone and help people out when possible. I hope to continue these random acts of kindness through out the year, and for years to come. If I can make someones day better by doing something simple, I would honorably try to do it more often and inspire others to do the same. Preforming random acts of caring can enhance my leadership skills by learning to understand others, and acting in the benefit of other people to make their lives more enjoyable. I see other people holding the door for others and being kind to everyone. One nice gesture can lead to another from someone else. I hope to continue doing random acts of caring throughout my life and putting smiles on other peoples faces.