Governing Quebec Paragraph

As a British official, I realize there are many alternatives to governing Quebec.  I have chosen the policy of Isolation to ensure the colony is properly run. In this way of governance, the other Nations have their own way of constructing their own ways. We can allow each nations to grow their own ways without getting angry with one another, and the conflict and arguments of which way may be best. In this option, we will allow all the people to expand under their own government and maybe decrease war that the future may bring. The French have their own ways of life, and a different language than us British. To get together and live under the same rules would be a challenge for all. The French speak their own language that we would never understand, and same with the first Nations. We all have unique ways of life, and if we enforce them to share their ways with us, they will try not to cooperate with us as best they can. If we used Deportation, we would have less people to maintain the land. Using Isolation lets more room for the British colonization and leaves all the people in peace. We also could benefit from more ways of life put together, and develop new ways of life and increase the ways for future generation. We also wouldn’t have to worry about the French and first nations allied together to destroy our new colonies. As I have outlined above, I believe the best policy for governing Quebec is Isolation.  This will ensure that the colony will remain under British control and provide wealth for our glorious country.