Stop- motion Meiosis video

Video made by; Jayna, Jesse, and Stephanie


When Creating this project, our group worked pretty well together, and didn’t have any arguments. We all also did our equal share of work in order to make this video possible. I helped edit the video, made the script and did some of the voice overs. In the actual final product of the video, I think it is kind of choppy, and doesn’t flow very well as a whole. I am not very proud of it, but not ashamed either. I think with the voice over, there can be a better explanation, but I don’t think we shouldn’t have used paper do do the cell outline. If I were to re-do this project, I would have used clay to do the outline, and taken more pictures to make the video go smoother. Over all I think that we did good as a team, but I wish we could re-do the video.



The life of a gene mutation.

Hello. My name is Cella Jr. I am living inside a young girl who living in Africa with the name Asya. She is only 13, but I am a trouble maker. I like to make her life even more difficult than it already is. So when she was born, I came into her body, from both of her of her parents, who were ‘carriers’ back in the good old days. Instead of those ugly round donut-like blood cells, I provide her with a sickle cell in her blood, looking kind of like a crescent moon. From her parents, Asya inherited two abnormal copies of the haemoglobin gene which is me. Then I caused the odd shape of her blood cells. I am causing Asya to have sickle cell disease.

I have a lot of friends like me here in Africa. We are very common here. I also have some relatives out in India, very distant relatives. I am a abnormal Hemoglobin gene located on chromosome 11, that creates the sickle shame of Asya’s blood cell’s. If Asya is ever feels stressed, is dehydrated, in high altitude, or is involved in temperature changes, I can easily cause an attack on her. Most of my attacks cause her blood tubes to be blocked, so not much blood flow can happen. I also cause her to not carry enough oxygen inside her blood cells. My blood cells don’t move easily through her body as well because they are rough, sticky, and of coarse are sickle shaped, just like my families last name. Sickle. I’m Cella Jr Sickle.

I often cause Asya to obtain a lot of pain, from this, and damage to her organs. I know she hates me, but that’s fine, because I am like her bully. I am mean to her, and she can never ignore the pain from me, because I am always there. You could say that I am very rude, and that is very true, so I don’t care about the criticism. I make Asya feel weak and tired, and now she is only expected to live 40 to 60 years.

In her Hemoglobine gene, I will stay, brought here by her mother and father who were both carriers, I will make my hosts life shorter, and cause her a lot of pain in the past, present, and future. I wont be sorry, and never will be, for all the pain that I have caused. From the blockage in her blood stream to the low oxygen levels flowing through her body. I am doing my job very well.


In order to complete this assignment, I had to ask some important questions in order to get my answers. When researching, it is important to ask meaning full and knowledgeable questions that can easily lead you in the right direction, and help you find the correct answers that you might be looking for. Some important questions that I started with were, what is sickle cell disease? What causes it? Where does it come from? How is it formed? When all of those answers where completed, and answered as well as I could get, I would then ask more specific questions, for example, what is the Hemoglobin gene? How dose this disease effect the body? What is the life expectancy when you have this disease? And what chromosome is the hemoglobin gene on?


For the backbone of this project, I researched on the internet. However, I did gain lots of my knowledge about sickle cell disease during class from my science teacher Mr. Campbell.

I also watched two youtube video’s

I think that I could have been more accurate with my findings if I didn’t only use the internet to do all of my research. I think that I could have spent more time reading books, or contacting people that actually have sickle cell disease.


When I was investigating sickle cell disease, I started of with writing down information that I already knew about it. We briefly when over this disease in class so I already had some knowledge going into this project. After I wrote down the info that I already knew, I asked other questions that I will need to know for my project, in order to complete it. Once I had enough questions, I researched them online to find out reasonable answers that made sense. Once I had a lot of useful information, I made a story out of it, and used all of my knowledge.


When I researched sickle cell disease, I chose websites that where good and official, and watched a youtube video about a girl who actually had sickle cell disease. For most of my websites, I used medical addresses,  that have done a lot of prior research on this disease. Most of the websites I used were written by doctors, of from the government. I also made sure not to use the ones that were adds, or trying to advertise anything in there website.


In the beginning of this project, I originally tried to start my story, without doing any research. I went and started to write, and as I found more info, I would add it along the way. After I figured out that this was not the right path to go, I had a good process of collecting my knowledge and writing it down into my story. To do better, I should have given myself a longer timeline to complete this project, and not wait until the last minute.


Science App reveiw



Find an app that will be useful for our learning in science 9, and represent something that we will be introduced to this year.


Will this app cost money?

Do I already have an useful app?

Will this app help with my learning in Science 9?

How will I find a good app to use?


My dream for my app is to give people an easier way to understand chemistry, and the Electrons protons and neutrons inside the atoms. I also hope that this app could give people a better understanding of the elements.


First I plan on finding an app that if fit for my description. Once I find the right app, I will review the app, and make sure it is fit for science 9. If the app represents my cause well, then I will make sure it can be understood easily, is fun to play, and you can actually learn from it. Once I find a great app, I will review it, and post my findings.



For this project, I have chosen to evaluate an app called Nuclear. The aim of this game, is to unlock all of the elements of the periodic table, and make each element stable. This app will solve people’s misunderstanding within the elements in the periodic table and help people progress their learning of the previous knowledge. It is attempted to solve any questions and unknown knowledge on the working of atoms and how they may react when they are unstable. How this app may help the users build skill and knowledge, is through the trial and error of the construction of the atoms. Once you start, you start with the Hydrogen atom, with one proton neutron and electron. As you progress in this game, you have to add any amount of Electrons to how many protons and neutrons that you have, and add a new element on the periodic table. The goal of this game is to unlock all of the atoms on the Periodic table. The only way to make each electron stable is to have an even number of protons and electrons inside each atom. This helps us learn how to keep the atom neutral when in the periodic table. My dream for this app would mean, eventually young minds could be able to create new technology to make more compounds that could be useful in our future, and to give everyone a better understanding of the elements. This app is also very self explanatory. When you first start and open this app, you go through a tutorial, and it tells you what you do to create a Hydrogen atom, it tells you to first take a neutron, and drop it into the nucleus, then a proton, and finally an electron. Once you create this, it tells you to try to create your next element. After the tutorial the game is pretty easy to understand, all you need to do is try to add electrons protons and neutrons to make the next element stable. When you first finish the tutorial however, it is a bit confusing on how to get to the next element, because it doesn’t explain what you did wrong and how many protons and neutrons you have in the nucleus. This app Introduces a new and fun way to explore the building blocks of all life, the periodic table, and helps us find the understanding of how all atoms are neutral.

App description:

This app is called Nuclear and Is available for free in the app store. As stated above, this app introduces us to the elements in the periodic table. You start with the Helium atom, and once more Protons and neutrons are in, you add electrons until you unlock a new element.


In order to find a good scientific app, it took a very long time to find a good one that actually represented things that we may learn in grade 9 science. I went through a lot of apps that I thought would make the cut, but only this one represented skills that we need in grade 9 science. Once I found and explored this app, I discovered what this app could be used for, and how it is useful. I like the way it showed the Atoms in two models; Bohr diagram, and an “atom” diagram.