Volcanoes lab

  1. when I watched my volcano erupt, the pyroclastic flow was slow moving as it traveled down the volcano. It didn’t quite reach the city, but traveled down the side.
  2. when I watched the current eruption in Hawaii, the lava flow interrupted the natural and physical aspects of the landscape. As it flowed, the rocks destroyed everything in its path, creating a deserted landscape where everything was gone in its wake. where there used to be houses and green landscapes, are now all lava rock, from the eruption.
  3. Hawaii was created by volcanic eruption in the first place. The volcanoes were created by holes in the tectonic plated by hot spots. This means that the islands were once non existent. Volcanic eruption is vital for this islands to grow and stay on the map, because if it didn’t happen, Hawaii would be non existent
  4. People respond by evacuating the area and studying the effects of the lava. Since the flow is slow, they have time to evacuate and move somewhere else. The lava flowing from the volcano is so destructive, that it slowly wiped out peoples houses, and now they are left without a place that they call their own.
  5. If a mountain near here erupted, so many people would be effected because of the densely packed communities with house after house. However since there are so many hills and valleys within our area, it would funnel out some of the lava flow, keeping some of our cities safe.

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