5 thoughts on “Astronomy Wonder Project

  1. I really enjoyed how you broke up the different questions to try and answer your big essential question. I really enjoyed the images and the amount of detail that went into every one of the explanations of your sub – questions. I think you should have had more of a variety with your images rather than just all of them being the generic space or universe. I also really enjoyed your enthusiasm while you were presenting.

  2. Your astronomy post was great! I thought it was very informative and you did a lot of research on your topic, well done. I also liked the photo of Sheldon Cooper!

  3. Great work Jayna…. You spent allot of time researching, and putting the powerpoint together. you managed to explain this in a few slides… Sheldon and Leonard have been trying to do it for about 11 seasons now.

  4. Very fascinating topic. I liked how you broke the big question down into the subtopics. It is very well thought out and written in such a way that anyone can understand.

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