Government Responsibility

Todays government should be held responsible for the decisions and actions that were previously made by past governments. These actions/decisions, although made in the past not the present still represent the government. The Canadian governments morals and goals are all the same and although they make changes to the leaders and the people the government […]

Bangladesh Genocide 1971

In doing this project I learned more about what a Genocide is and how the one I chose in particular took place. I learned the reason behind it and found it very interesting how although advised to keep news about it suppressed the US still chose to help and potentially danger thousands of lives. I […]

Socials perspective

  This is a word cloud of words that I think about when I hear “Canada.” To me these words represent popular places, phrases pr objects recognizable when thinking about Canada. It is a mix between our two national languages; French and English. Some of these words I use, see or hear about regularly on […]