Mendelian Traits – Ectrodactyly

Ectrodactyly is also known as split hand or cleft hand.It is a rare inherited form of a congenital disorder which results in an absence/deficiency of one or more of the central digits. It can also occur in the foot which is known as split foot malformation. The most common way it is inherited is autosomal […]

Scientific ethod review Bubble Gum Lab

Conclusion: Our two hypothesis had opposite results when all data was recorded, Gum A had a larger average diameter while gum B was much stretchier. In Part 1 our hypothesis was  “If we chew both pieces for 3 minutes each, then Gum A will blow bigger bubbles because it is thicker.” We then tested both […]

stop motion video

Owen, Katie, Jayden In our project we tried to separate the work evenly. Owen set up the technology and edited the video once we had all the pictures. I brought all the clay and materials for our video and i made sure to bring extra (which we ended up needing) in case Katie didn’t bring […]