Whats in my Junk Food?

NYF Classic Poutine (Regular Size)

When I go to the mall, which might be too often, I try to time it towards lunch time just to get ‘my poutine’. NYF Classic Poutine is my favourite. Its a quick little stop in-between hitting stores with friends or family. Unfortunately I know its not the greatest for me, however once or twice in about   2 months shouldn’t be to bad.

A regular sized, Classic Poutine has 950 calories, 50g fat, 1150mg sodium, 7g fibre, 2g sugar, and 19g protein. This is all put together by using, crispy, browned french fries, a hearty meat gravy, and basic cheese curds. Not the greatest. Having a ton of calories is not beneficial to my health at all. neither the amount of sodium, its through the roof!