Salad Rolls



Final Product:       


  1. Did you enjoy this lab? Why or why not? I enjoyed this lab, it wasn’t my favourite but it was enjoyable. I enjoyed the “cultural’ feel to it, at home I use the rice wraps but I know others don’t and it was good to see other experience different tastes and foods of different cultures and there foods if we are not used to them.
  2. What reasonable (i.e. no candy!) thing would you do to alter this recipe to keep it healthy or make it healthier? What nutritional value would this add to the recipe (i.e. carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, minerals, fats)? I might add some protein such and thin cut slices of chicken breast that has a sesame oil or something marinated on it. It would make it more hearty and substantial then just the veggies and noodles.
  3. Often, rolls like these are served deep fried. Most people understand that deep frying food is not healthy for us. What exactly does deep frying do to our food? Why does it become unhealthy? What, if any, nutrients are added that are not great for us? Deep Frying our foods can increase Diabetes Risk, Cancer Risk, Obesity Risk and Stroke Risk, why, so it can taste better?  Well it does really help our bodies. When foods fried it becomes higher in calories, as fat emerges into any space possible in your food. The oils used in  most restaurants for frying our foods are very high in Trans Fat, the man made fat that increases the life of food. The foods that get fried loose there nutrients and vitamins.

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