First People’s Principal.

Here are the principals and what I believe they all mean:

  1. I believe this quote is saying, without the hard work of the people and ancestors before us we could not achieve what we can today with out them.
  2. I believe this quote is saying, sometimes you need others to help you out and with those other people your going to need to find you spot where you lay in that group and how you can contribute to it.
  3. I believe this quote is saying, with everything you do there will be consequences, its how you work with out having to face them.
  4. I believe this quote is saying, ex.  you have a job, you have to do what your hired to do in order to get paid.
  5. I believe this quote is saying, you WILL find your internal greatness and you WILL be satisfied.
  6. I believe this quote is saying, once you learned something, most likely you will not for get it and in the future tell you children that knowledge.
  7. I believe this quote is saying, you need to have patience and great time management for al things in your every day life.
  8. I believe this quote is saying, with doing projects, jobs ect. you will find thing you never knew about your self by s=exploring new things.
  9. I believe this quote is saying, somethings, you didn’t create, somethings you learned, somethings are not yours so repeat that.

Here are my connections with each principle quote:

When taught and read the First Peoples Principal I immediately could connect them to each major project we have been given to make possible. Starting with the SSEP, learning about the project made me constantly think about how it could work so that my project would make it to fly. Unfortunately it did not however, it helped keep me on top of what I was doing, and homework as I was excited, with the Engineering Brightness you were told you could totally change someones life, so that was extremely motivating. (1). During brainstorming and talking about what to do we worked in groups. We all had to connect on multiple ways of agreeing, focusing, and commitment, with the Engineering Brightness we came up with making a photo booth to raise money, and we did, took lots of time and group effort but we made it happen. (2). As we worked in groups you had deadlines, if you did not meet these deadlines you let your group down, you always had that weight on your shoulder until int was done, with the Engineering Brightness if we didn’t raise money intake for Albans group they wouldn’t have been able to get there jobs done. (3&4). I came to find multiple weaknesses and strength during this project, as at the start at least I didn’t know what microgravity meant know I do but when others knew I fell the slightest bit behind, with the Engineering Brightness it was much the same, I didn’t know all the terms my classmates used till I took some of my time to look up terms and definitons.(5). I will live to tell my children, fellow co-workers, family and friends about this project as I will constantly remember it, with the Engineering Brightness it is very much the same, its a great conversation starter with your nosey aunt. (6). OH brother! I am great with having patients and good with time management, however, in both of these projects there were a few times both of those qualities flew right out the window. Thats when I had to learn, things can change but you have to  change with them. (7). Like I just said ‘when things change you have to change with them’, you do because people and groups are all going at different paces and you have to find how you can honestly fit in and work at it to get in there with the right times. (8). At the very beginning we couldn’t tell any one and had to keep it on the down low, or there would have been consequences, with the Engineering Brightness it was pretty open, so nothing really to connect there. (9).