My Environmental Interactions.

My Day and My Interactions.

Jayden Bawden.

Here is my daily routine and choices I make that will effect throughout each sphere.

My Day Begins With:

Brushing my teeth, I interact with the Hydrosphere. Although I’m using water I do stop and turn off the tap in between brushing.

Washing my face, I interact with the Hydrosphere. While I scrub my face with a towel I leave the tap running, this is something I need to work on.

I eat breakfast, normally toast with jam. I am not using water so, I am only interacting with the geosphere and biosphere as that is where wheat and raspberries grow.

My Day Throughout the Middle:

I walk to school everyday, I interact with the biosphere. I am happy to say that I do not take the bus or drive to school.

When I am at school, I find myself using a ton of paper, as I prefer to write then to type. I have probably used a bunch of trees, this is something I need to work on.

My Day in the Evening:

Once I get home from school I change and get ready for soccer, I am out on the field for 1h 30mins, five times a week. When I get home I always shower, as I am a sweater, I am one of those individuals that enjoys singing, and lots of ‘warm’ time in the shower. I definitely need to start a timer from now on or something as I spend a solid 30mins in the shower.

In conclusion I need to start thinking more about what my choices are and how they are effecting the environment I and many others live in.