My Digital Footprint

When I Googled myself I was impressed to see that a lot of the things I was associated with was athletic or academic related. I was very pleased as when the time comes to get a job and the employer Google my name they can see I enjoy being active and I am focused when it comes to working, in this case my schooling. This shows that I can be reliable and efficient when it comes to work that I need to get done. It would be impressive  if the job I am applying for had physical perks to it.

Now I am a person who isn’t so “Old School” as I do like using social media, wether for my personal enjoyment or schooling. So now that I have found what is out there that relates to me I can see that I like how it reflects on my name. I wouldn’t want it to change. In order for it not to become completely different I will have to maintain a good Digital FootprintI will be wise in what I post or do on the internet and social media.

If I had a younger sibling that would be coming to Riverside in the following years after me I would definitely sit down with them and tell them over and over again till they would be able to memorize that you do need to be CAREFUL and have a good mind set when ever you are online or on a social media website or app.


















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