Meal Planning

Our group has to plan dishes for each meal of the day, keeping the total under $20.00. Our group is Brynne Becker, Soyi Kim, Tristen Rae and Jayden Bawden.

Breakfast // HashBrown Cups.

Potatoes 4.99

Bacon 4.99 , diced and cooked.

Eggs 2.89

Subtotal: 7.88

Lunch // Potato Salad.

(Potatoes from Breakfast), cubing.

(Bacon from Breakfast), diced and cooked.

Green Onion .99

Mayo 3.99

Subtotal: $9.97

Dinner // Egg Salad Sandwich.

(Potatoes from Breakfast), Fry into a patty.

(Eggs from Breakfast), mash them then add salt and pepper and Green Onions to taste.

(Mayo from Lunch),  added to taste and mold egg mixture together.

Subtotal: $0.00

Total: $17.85