Week 16 – Precalculus 11

This week was super cool! We had SFU come in to create a video staring us and our Sr Girls Soccer team went to Provincials 🙂 During my time at provincials I missed two lessons of math… So, I decided to my blog post on what we learned one of the days I was absent!! Enjoy.


So if we started with the equation:

The first thing we would begin trying to do is finding a common denominator, alike what we have been doing thus far.


Once we have found our common denominator we need to multiply it on both sides to create zero pairs:




Once I wrote out my common denominator I then cancelled out like terms, then I wrote out the new equations:





From there, I began by distributing. After that, I moved like terms to each side of the equation to make it easier to solve:






Here is the movement to either side of the equation…





Then, I combined the like terms on both sides of the equation and solved to get one term on each side…






From there I divided what was common and what could get my variable by itself.






Which then resulted in getting the final answer….