A Sense of Excellence.

A SENSE of Excellence.

By Jayden Bawden.


To experience a great breakfast is to feel energized after a great meal.

Is breakfast an essential in everyones daily routine? What is your favourite part? The eggs? The bacon? Toast?

Is it your local neighbourhood greasy spoon? Or your go to with Grandma?

Denny’s, the one stop breakfast joint that everyone enjoys. Greeted at the door, I find myself falling in love with the surrounding environment. The smile I receive is given by the host. It was warming. The over whelming aroma of freshly brewed coffee that when is stirred looks like a black whirlpool and of course the bacon that is undeniably the most distinctive, welcoming scent of all. Tight booths, glossed wooden tables, green napkins embracing the cutlery with a snug, warm hug, a horizontal bar where the kitchen staff is, thin green carpet covering the floor like fresh snow on the tip of a mountain. Once seated, looking at the menu, it’s a tough decision of what to eat. Normally, going for the Classic Eggs Benedict; an easy buy, or Moons Over my Hammy; a simple, and reasonable price, I want a fulfilling meal that can fuel me before a soccer match or create a warm temperature through my whole body after play in the icy, cold rain. I go for the scrumptious sandwich,

Moons Over my Hammy. Laughing, orders being taken by involved employee’s, newspapers flipping,  and of course the MMMMM that comes out of my dad at the end of the table where he sinks his teeth into fluffy, yet cooked to perfection pancakes. All sound waves are traveling amongst each other like the employees delivering meals. Warmth, with eggs that are fluffy, ham that is smokey, swiss cheese and cheddar cheese that’s melted to perfection all in my mouth at once. Denny is not just the name of your favourite relative but your favourite breakfast spot too.

Jayden Bawden

Denny’s, Your Timing is a Bit Off

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