Whats in my Junk Food?

NYF Classic Poutine (Regular Size)

When I go to the mall, which might be too often, I try to time it towards lunch time just to get ‘my poutine’. NYF Classic Poutine is my favourite. Its a quick little stop in-between hitting stores with friends or family. Unfortunately I know its not the greatest for me, however once or twice in about ¬† 2 months shouldn’t be to bad.

A regular sized, Classic Poutine has 950 calories, 50g fat, 1150mg sodium, 7g fibre, 2g sugar, and 19g protein. This is all put together by using, crispy, browned french fries, a hearty meat gravy, and basic cheese curds. Not the greatest. Having a ton of calories is not beneficial to my health at all. neither the amount of sodium, its through the roof!




May Reflection

Lasagna Roll Ups Reflection 

I chose to reflect on this as it has been one of my favourite labs so far. I will be making this at home and I also liked it as we did it over a couple of days. More work!





Final Product:



  1. I enjoyed this lab a lot, I like two part labs that expand over a day. They are fun. I enjoyed it thoroughly, we made a mistake but it was fun and I actually might use it again, compared to other labs.
  2. Our product was close to perfect besides the one mistake of not putting the cheese in the roll up and instead we put it on top. Still tastes the same if not better! Other than that it was what we had hoped it would be.
  3. Our group is big on equality so we all pitched in fairly. No problems occurred.
  4. When I go to do this lab at home, because my parents liked the idea of it, I might add more seasoning and flavour, made another type of cheese and less sauce on the bottom of the pan as I felt it was to much.