CBL Artifacts of Learning

Here is my “book” of the Engineering Brightness Project.

4 thoughts on “CBL Artifacts of Learning

  1. I really like your “book” idea to compile your thoughts on Engineering Brightness. It is great to hear how successful you were with your connections-based learning. I admire your group for the risks that you took and the results that you saw. I loved your idea of a photo booth to raise money to build lights to fight light poverty. I feel, though, that I needed another page in your book for you to finish off your thoughts. I hope you can keep this experience in your mind as you tackle the rest of your schooling! Great work!

  2. Your post was is so cool! I love the way you made it look like a newspaper kind of. It makes it more engaging then just reading a regular post. I love the title page as well with all the photos. Great working with you:)

  3. A wonderful way to connect and learn with a purpose by thinking about problem-solving from around the world. I like how you teamed up with your classmates to find solutions.

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