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Everyone should be able to have the Periodic Table of Elements at the tip of their fingers for work, schooling and just in case you are being curious. This app would be good if you can personally choose an element to explore and learn it more. I wanted to find an app that can help you learn and always be able to visually see the Periodic Table and always have it with you.

The app I found and used is called K12 Periodic Table. I would highly recommend this app as it allows you to click on any element that you chose and allows you to see its Electronegativity (1) Ionization (2) Radius (3) Melting Point (4) Boiling Point (5) Symbol (6) Name (7) Average Atomic Mass (8) Atomic Number (9). This app states and shows the Alkali Metals, Alkali Earth Metals, Transition Metals, Other Metals, Metalloids, Other Nonmetals, Halogens and Noble Gases. Along with columns of explain what each colour of symbol meant, Ex. Black= Solids, Blue= Liquids, Red= Gases and Green= Not Found in Nature.

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Exponent Laws: Blog Post1

Multiplying powers with the same base you ADD the exponents:

-2^2\cdot-2^5 you would then add the exponents as 2+5= 7 the answer is -2^7 .

Dividing powers with the same base you SUBTRACT the exponents:

\frac{5^3}{5^5} so, 5-3=2 therefore the answer would be 5^2

When you have an equation and it has brackets with a base and a exponent but also and exponent outside the brackets you MULTIPLY both of the exponents together, then add the answer you got to the base as the new exponent:

(5^4)^2 you multiply 4 by 2 to get 8, therefore  5^8 is your final answer.

When you have a multiplication question in brackets with an exponent outside of the braces you can REWRITE the two bases with the exponent:

2×3^3 you would give both bases a 3, 3^3 2^3 would equal 27 x 8= 216.

To find the power of a question that is a division question in brackets with an exponent outside you TAKE AWAY the brackets and ADD the exponent to each base:

\frac{5}{6}^3 would turn into \frac{5^3}{6^3} because we add the exponent to both bases.

When you have a addition question with exponents you SUBTRACT, however when you subtract the same exponent it becomes ZERO. So, when you have an exponent of zero it will ALWAYS be 1.

5^4+5^4 you subtract 4 by 4 to get 0 therefore its 5^0 .

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Word Problems with Fractions.

Jayden bought 1 whole tin of cookie dough but only made 1/8 of it, then she shared it with her friend Joel evenly. How much cookie dough did they each get?

First you have to find:

1/1 x 1/8 =

(1×1=2) 2/ (1×8=8) 2/8,

then you must find how much the two of them got evenly, (2 people / by 2):

2/8 / 1/2 =

2/8 x 2/1=

(2×2=4) 4/ (8×1=8) 4/8= 1/2

Therefore Joel and Jayden both got one half of what was baked.

My Digital Footprint

When I Googled myself I was impressed to see that a lot of the things I was associated with was athletic or academic related. I was very pleased as when the time comes to get a job and the employer Google my name they can see I enjoy being active and I am focused when it comes to working, in this case my schooling. This shows that I can be reliable and efficient when it comes to work that I need to get done. It would be impressive  if the job I am applying for had physical perks to it.

Now I am a person who isn’t so “Old School” as I do like using social media, wether for my personal enjoyment or schooling. So now that I have found what is out there that relates to me I can see that I like how it reflects on my name. I wouldn’t want it to change. In order for it not to become completely different I will have to maintain a good Digital FootprintI will be wise in what I post or do on the internet and social media.

If I had a younger sibling that would be coming to Riverside in the following years after me I would definitely sit down with them and tell them over and over again till they would be able to memorize that you do need to be CAREFUL and have a good mind set when ever you are online or on a social media website or app.


















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