First Nation Mascots and Logos


Racism has been one of the deepest social problems in history, it affects millions of people worldwide. What happens when racism and sports collide? Sports teams should not be allowed to use First Nation’s logos or mascots to represent their team. Sport was made to bring people together, not tear them apart. Hundreds of years ago the olympics were formed to bring nations together.

Schools and professional teams have been using First nation’s logos, mascots, and names for many years. According to American Indian Cultural Support, nearly 2,500 schools across the United States still use Aboriginal-themed team names, logos, and/or mascots. By using First Nations logos and mascots it can be seen as discriminating towards the First Nations community. In fact, they encourage and reinforce negative stereotypes that put down their people and culture. Many sports teams claim that they are honouring the First Nation peoples. Don Marks an editor of Grassroots News, Manitoba’s oldest and largest indigenous newspaper says differently, “You have to hope that they educate themselves and catch up with their leadership” (Marks told Susan G. Cole, Lose those First Nations Logos, nowtoronto.com). Sports teams have a major influence on many children and adults in the world. Jesse Wente a Toronto based-based pop culture critic told CBC, “I do think indigenous logos are racist, because they’re a by product ultimately of colonialism,” CBC Radio’s Metro Morning.

Racism and stereotypes are everywhere. Can we keep them away from something that should bring us together? It can be a fine line between what is offensive and what is sympathetic. By changing the names of these teams allows the perspective and stereotypes of First Nations people to change.




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