Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy 

As or today, nuclear energy is one of the most environmentally friendly sources of energy. Nuclear energy produces very few greenhouse gasses compared to other traditional sources like coal power plants. There is little effect on water, nature, and animals when using a nuclear power plant.

Not only is nuclear energy a healthier and friendly choice, it is also cheaper. Nuclear power plants run on a chemical element called uranium. Uranium is a very heavy metal which has been used as an abundant source of concentrated energy for years. The cost of uranium is very low meaning the cost of running a nuclear energy plant would be low. Even though setting up a nuclear power plant is high, the impact on the cost of power will be that much lower.

Thirdly, a nuclear power plant is very reliable. It is estimated we have about 80 years of uranium. Other energy sources may be reliable on wind, sun, and rain. Nuclear powers plants can run uninterrupted for years. It is believed that uranium will last us much longer than fossil fuels. The best is that the engr. has persistent supply.

Another huge point of interest in Nuclear power plants is that the energy is more proficient; meaning we get more bang for out buck. A lower amount of uranium can still result in a larger supply of energy. Energy released by nuclear fission is approximately ten million times greater than the amount of angry released by a fossil fuel atom.

One many argue that a nuclear energy plant may be dangerous for the civilians around the energy plant, but if you compare the benefits that you are getting to the small risk of a nuclear accident it is not even a question. Nuclear power could solve many health issues just from polluting less.

These are just some of the numerous reasons that multiple nations are putting their resources into creating nuclear power. Some of the greatest benefits of nuclear power are; does not rely on fossil fuels, better for the environment, and is more reliable.

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