“Dead Poet’s Society” Reflection and Connection

1. Reflect on the meaning of the movie and its connection to “Tomorrow”

Dead Poet’s Society¬†is about a group of boys that go to a private school. While all these boys are very bright, most of them are forced to go to this school by their parents. When the main character Neil finds his real passion of acting he is forced to quit. I believe the meaning of this movie is that you will always be happy when perusing the thing that you love; as well as, life is to short to be protected in your own bubble.¬† This connects to the poem “Tomorrow” is the area that both the movie and poem are explaining how life is very short, so you don’t want to waste your time.


2. Your personal thoughts about the movie

My thoughts on the movie is that it was an all around good movie. I missed the first day of the film, but I was able to pick up on the message. The movie did a very good job at illustrating how doing something you love can change how you act and how you feel.


3. Image from the movie



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