What it means to be human…

Humans need to be able to communicate

Humans need to interact with others

Humans look for happiness

Humans want to express their feelings

Humans like to help others in need

Humans like to communicate in order to share and gain knowledge

Humans need others to support

Humans are violent and mean and even greedy

Humans hurt other populations because humans are racist

Humans are vengeful

Humans are sympathetic and we can share/help

Humans are oblivious when it is not happening to us

Humans can be united by the simplest things like dancing

Humans can find joy



The novel The Giver written by Lois Lowry is the most interesting books I have ever read. This book is set in a society where no bad things exist. However to achieve a peaceful utopian city they are forced to take away many good things in life including colour and smell. You may be wondering where all these memories go, well this is where the Giver comes into place. The society has one man who holds all the memories of the good and bad, almost every memory ever happened to man. The story showed me that the bad in the world can sometimes lead to positive experiences.



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