Rice/Noodle take home assignment

Recipes including rice or noodles:



Breakfast Fried Rice

breakfast fried rice I howsweeteats.com







This dish has a soft boiled egg on top of fried rice



Mongolian Beef Ramen

Mongolian Beef Ramen

This is a Mongolian dish which includes ramen noodles, topped off with beef  and veggies.



Southwest Chicken Rice bowl


The southwest chicken bowl is a bowl full of flavours including chicken, and flavourful fried rice




I forgot to get a picture before I ate it…… so I found one online



1 cup of rice—–237 ML

1 3/4 cup of vegetable broth—— 414 ML

chicken wings

salt, pepper, garlic powder on chicken wings

Teriyaki Sauce half cup——-  118 ML




Rice recipe .pages-1bkz9m8




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