1. I have learned how to use Micro:bits, various other methods of technology (3D printer, robots), and have worked to deepen my knowledge in coding. During my time in the Wave, I have helped various people with various issues, from simple WiFi connecting to a complete BIOS update. During the Micro:bits period, I had spent a lot of time in the Maker Space fidgeting with the Micro:bits trying to figure out how they worked. I had almost no knowledge in coding beforehand, so it had been a huge struggle for me to learn their mechanics.
  2. For the Streaming Team, most of the tasks that we had done were successful and had worked nicely. The Red Surge Stream, the Team Canada Volleyball stream, the Spoken Word stream, and the Move4Mana stream had all worked very successfully. It was successful mainly due to the fact that the senior members of the team had been properly educated by Mr. Gee and were knowledgeable in any problems and issues that may have occurred.
  3. During certain streams, there were certain instances when the entire system suddenly crashed. For example, during the Move4Mana stream, the computer had magically decided to do a total system BIOS update just 10 minutes before the beginning of the assembly. In another instance, the Spoken Word stream experienced difficulties with camera placement and audio, ultimately leading to the entire deletion of the grades 9/10 semester 1 Spoken Word live-stream video. These sudden problems that arise in which we are unaware of how to solve are the ones that create the most pain.
  4. Most of our problems involved the system itself, so that generally involved waiting until it figured itself out. Other problems required the standard restart, whereas certain problems required an entire reset of taking down the equipment and setting it back up again. For Spoken Word streams, we had realized that just because the audio was synced with the theater audio did not mean that we could chat loudly in the booth. Go figure.
  5. As distanced learning becomes more of a reality, I believe that the Tech Team has a greater responsibility of supporting the school so that there are no problems that arise. For the first few months of the new school year, the Wave would have to be on all platforms (Teams, Instagram, School website), ready to care for the problems that will most certainly arise for any new students. I remember during the first month of school, there was an extremely high number of students that came to the Wave requesting help. As a face-to-face aid system is unlikely, the digital Wave will have to be able to cover that. 1 to 1 video calls and scheduled seminars/lessons on how to use certain platforms of technology will be beneficial.