Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 13

This week in math we started a new unit and it was an intro to Absolute value functions, this really changed things up and made graphs look crazy on desmos. When I say it looked crazy on demos it really does because when you have an equation like on a graph as shown right here […]

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Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 10

This week was a very short week so we didn’t go over too much stuff but we still learned a couple of things. We learned how to graph quadratic and linear inequalities, to graph a quadratic inequality you would need to find the y-intercept and the vertex and use those numbers to graph it and find the solutions and where it’s going to be shaded in the graph. So, for example, y>x^2+4x+8 . The y-intercept would be 8 and you can tell it opens up since the x^2 is positive, and the pattern is 1, 3, 5 because the leading coefficient is 1. So now you would factor y>x^2+6x+8 into y>(x+4)(x+2) , and from that, you can find the vertex which would be -4 and -2 which would be your x-intercepts. To find the vertex you would \frac{-4-2}{2} and you vertex would be -3 and by plugging it into your equation you could find the minimum point connected to the vertex and graph it.

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Math 11 PreCalc – Week 9

This week in Math we mostly reviewed the test for this unit, but one thing that I wasn’t very good at this unit was knowing how to use each formula in this unit. There are 3 different formulas we use, the first formula is General Form this formula is , the second formula is Standard¬† […]

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Math 11 PreCalc, Week 8

This week in math we started a new unit called analyzing quadratic functions, it’s mostly graphing which isn’t too hard but since this was the first week back from spring break it took me a little to get back into the groove of things. so something we learned this week was how to analyze . […]

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Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 6

This week in Math we learned about Quadratics and one main thing that i liked about this week was the Quadratic Equation which is this equation is very helpful for solving since its an equation and all you need to do is plug in then solve which i find very easy and helpful when solving. […]

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Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 5

This week in math we reviewed Factoring, this is something that we learned mostly in grade 10 math and you need it for the next unit in math 11 pre-calc. So this week we learned a saying that would help us. Its C.D.P.E.U. the C stands for Common so for example if you have ¬† […]

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Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 4

This week in Math we learned about the Multiplying and Dividing Radicals. so for an example of Multiplying would be 2 x 5 = 10 . as you can see multiplying is very easy and its just multiplying straight across for, dividing similar to a fraction you cannot leave a radical in the denominator. so […]

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Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 3

This week we learned about Absolute Value of a real number, when we learned it in class it wasn’t too bad. somethings that took me a while to get was when the fractions was in the square roots, for example: this was a bit confusing for me at first since i didn’t really know the […]

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Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 2

This week in Math 11 we learned about Geometric Sequences and Infinite Geometric Series. Geometric sequence is when each term is being multiplied by a constant known as the common ratio so for example say your is 3 and your common ration is 2 so from to would be 3, 6, 12, 24, 48. These […]

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Math 11 Pre-Calc , Week 1

This week we learned about Arithmetic Sequence, I found this week not very hard although one thing that made it kind of hard for me was one of the formulas that we needed to use, the formula was this formula it was only hard because i didn’t know how to use it correctly, as shown […]

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