Science Sway Project This assignment was very fun i think me ├ánd my group communicated very well and we worked very hard on this assignment. But one thing that i feel like we should have done better was getting are work done in class i feel like we talked and planned a lot but we didnt really […]

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Mutation Story

Have you ever wonderd what happend to me Spinal muscular atrophy as a gene, well let me tell u that Chromosome 5 SMA was caused by a deficiency a motor of neuron protein called SMN it stands for “survial of motor neuron” and SMN’s deficiency is caused by genetic flaws (mutations) on chromosome 5 in […]

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Scientific Research

Potassium Hydrogenoxalate is a type of salt. its white, oderless and causes irriataton to the eyes, it also occurs in some plants as well, it can cause cardiac failure and or death.The formula is KHC 2 O 4 or K+.HO2 C-0O2. its a poisonous solid that is usally hydrated, you can also use it to […]

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