Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 16

This week in math we mostly just studied for our math test for this unit but we also went over too more sections of this unit, we went over rational equations and applications of rational equations. Rational equations are just a normal equation that you would need to solve just a bit harder so for example if you have the equation \frac{5}{x+4}=\frac {3}{x-3} first you would want to multiply each side by (x+4) and (x-2) which would make the equation become (x-2)(5) = (x+4)(3) then you would multiply the brackets which would turn the equation into 5x-10 = 3x+12 then you would just solve from here moving the 3x to one side then moving the 10 too the other side which would have the equation end at x = 11. And that’s how you would solve a rational equation.

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