Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 14

This week on Friday we started a new unit, the first thing we learned was how to solve fractions that are also with factors, so, for example, \frac {(2x+2)}{(x^2+3x+2)} first what you would do is first you would factor it turning it into \frac{2(x+1)}{(x+2)(x+1)} then you would get rid of the numbers that are the same, so on the equation we have two numbers that are the same which are both on the top and bottom, they are the (x+1) you would get rid of both and have the answer of \frac {2}{(x+2)} but we aren’t done just yet what you also have to do is if you were going to replace the x in the equation find the numbers that make it so the numbers that are with x equal 0 so for example in (x+1) the only number that would make that zero would be adding 1 and a number that wouldn’t make it zero would be -1 this is called Non-permissible or restrictions, so the two Non-permissible numbers in this equation would be X cannot equal -2 or -1. And that’s how you solve a fraction that you can also factor.

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