Math 11 Pre-Calc, Week 10

This week was a very short week so we didn’t go over too much stuff but we still learned a couple of things. We learned how to graph quadratic and linear inequalities, to graph a quadratic inequality you would need to find the y-intercept and the vertex and use those numbers to graph it and find the solutions and where it’s going to be shaded in the graph. So, for example, y>x^2+4x+8 . The y-intercept would be 8 and you can tell it opens up since the x^2 is positive, and the pattern is 1, 3, 5 because the leading coefficient is 1. So now you would factor y>x^2+6x+8 into y>(x+4)(x+2) , and from that, you can find the vertex which would be -4 and -2 which would be your x-intercepts. To find the vertex you would \frac{-4-2}{2} and you vertex would be -3 and by plugging it into your equation you could find the minimum point connected to the vertex and graph it.

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