Math 11 PreCalc – Week 9

This week in Math we mostly reviewed the test for this unit, but one thing that I wasn’t very good at this unit was knowing how to use each formula in this unit. There are 3 different formulas we use, the first formula is General Form this formula is y=ax^2+bx+c , the second formula is Standard  form it goes y=a(x-p)^2+q , and the last formula is Factored form which goes y=a(x-x1)(x-x2) . these 3 formulas are used to help us use and understand graphs. each formula also has those letters (which get replaced by numbers) that tells us different things, for example, a tells us the stretch factor of the parabola on the graph and b tells is how the vertex on the parabola moves on the graph, those letters are for the General Form, for Standard form P and Q just tells us where on the graph is the parabola and  A on the Standard form tells us if it’s going either left or right on the graph. This unit is although very confusing at first isn’t too bad since once you know how to use every formula and remember what each formula tells you and how it tells you is very easy to understand and isn’t too hard, it will only be hard if the numbers are in a weird way or if the question is weird.

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