Week 14, Math 10

This week in math 10 we mostly reviewed for the functions test. Somethings that got me confused were some of the different terms that confused me. The terms although are pretty easy to remember its just that there are so many of them that its hard to remember which ones which and to use on […]

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Week 15, Math 10

This week in math 10 what we learned was the different slope forms. Point Slope Formis the easiest of all the forms because it already gives you the Slope, X – value and the Y – value. Another form that is not useful is the General Form. General form is for example: 2x-4y+12=0 it doesn’t […]

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Week 13, Math 10

This week in math 10 we learned about functions, relations, domain, and range. a function is when you only have one partner like a husband or wife you can only have one. a Relation is when you have multiple similarities┬álike you and your friends, Domain is the X and Range are the Y. In this […]

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