Pre Calc 12 Core Competency Reflection

How has this unit impacted your creative and critical thinking and communication skills?

This unit in pre-calc 12 has led me to a deeper understanding of not only math, but how I am able to use many core competency skills to aid my learning. Critical thinking played a key part to my understanding of this unit. I had to question the various math rules in place and determine solutions to many challenging questions that were thrown at me. I had to analyze the new material, trying to incorporate all the material I had previously learned to understand the new material. I used analyzing on many graphs that I made to see how the transformations had affected the original graph. I used creative thinking when creating new ideas on how to draw graphs, and how to write out equations. I couldn’t only use my math skills, but also creative skills to develop the ideas presented in class. I believe that the communication skills that I had to use in this unit were the most important skills that I had to use. I had to communicate with the people around me to ask questions and to discuss and solve problems given to us in class. In partners, we got to discuss and work together to further our learning. Lastly, I had to ask lots of questions to guarantee my understanding of this unit.

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