The Crucible – Hysteria and Religion




How have you personally connected to “The Crucible?”

The Crucible presents many themes that are still relevant and an important part of today’s society. I was able to connect to many of these themes whether it be the pressure of society or the hysteria present in our modern world. In the crucible, judgment and social appearance is one of the most important themes. In the crucible, the whole town is very worried about their reputation and their social appearance. They are so worried about how they appear, that they get blinded by what’s actually going on through the fear. Personally, I have definitely gotten sucked into the pressure of society. I have chosen outfits and done my hair certain ways to try and get people to like me, and to uphold a good reputation. As much as it is difficult to admit, I know that society has influenced me more than once because of the pressure I’ve felt.

I can also personally relate through theme of religion. I found it very interesting to see how religion underlies in the whole book. I am not religious; although my grandparents may be religious, my family has never strongly followed a religion. The towns people in The Crucible followed puritanism very strongly. One of my best friends is extremely Christian, and I see a few similarities to how strong her faith is to the strong faith in the book.


How has the exploration of “The Crucible,” deepen your understanding of diverse, complex ideas about identity, others, and the world?

Reading the crucible opened my eyes to how wanting a good reputation is inside of us. We can’t help but want people to like us no matter how much we pretend we don’t care. We want to be seen through a specific lens and work very hard to achieve that vision, even if we have to lie or be dishonest to achieve that. Having our own identity is very important, however we try and lose or change part of our individuality to please others. In the crucible, characters like Abigail and Mary Warren lie to keep their reputation. Parris also goes along with the girls, that they didn’t use witchcraft because he wants to keep his good reputation. Everyone has at least once thought about their reputation and how they are perceived by others. It also shows how important honesty is in our world.

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