Veldt Poem – There was a time

There was a time…

There was a time where we

All had human connections,

Face to face connections,

Where did it go?


There was a time where we

Lived each day to the fullest,

Controlled our life

And now our life is controlled

By technology, we live for the robots

When we ourselves will become

The robots

They are now our friends

We chat we laugh out loud

But is it real laughter?


There was a time where we could

Sit at the dinner table

Talk at the dinner table

Not be mesmerized by a screen

of others eating at the dinner table

there was a time where we couldn’t

feel the emptiness

That is consuming us because

our phone wasn’t ringing

We are truly alone.


There was a time where

Our phones didn’t talk to us

they didn’t contain more emotions

And more connections to us

Then we do have with our neighbour.

Our so-called friends now “like” us

And “friend” us

Without even knowing us.

We prefer our phones

To people because

Our phones are now our


Walk by us

Stand in a Starbucks line

But we don’t look at people

We look at a phone

We’ve stopped talking to people

Because its become easier on a phone

To type ily

Not look someone in the eyes

And say I love you

There was a time

We wouldn’t listen for the Beep

We wouldn’t jump for the beep

Because we lose ourselves to this beep

Because what makes us happy

shouldn’t be a beep.


There was a time when

we made connections with a smile

And loved each other

Not “like” the picture I posted

The perfect picture

That hides my flaws my imperfections

When now our biggest flaw

Is the very thing we use to hide them.

There was a time…


Here is a sketch I made for my poem. Its called “My life on a phone.” It represents how even in a place such as a park which is outdoors and full of activities, we still rely on our phones. There is even a couple but they are to busy taking pictures for social media to connect with each other. I tried to capture our need for our phones and loss of connections in the basics of our life.




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