451-Genre Breakdown

Music, literature, and film can be broken up in to different genres depending on the style, form or subject matter of the content. A genre is a categorization of these three factors. The book Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury could be characterized as a fiction or fantasy novel that is a satire on modern day. Bradbury’s novel could also be placed into the sub-genre science fiction. Fahrenheit 451 could be placed into the science fiction sub-genre because the book has elements of advanced technology and new scientific discoveries that have morphed society into a whole new community. The story also takes place in the future and many of the elements are ahead of the current time frame. The novel also faces a conflict between the good and the evil. The evil is the technology and corporate control that consumes the public. The good in the story is the individuals who remember history and are knowledgable about books. The novel could also be placed into the realistic fiction sub-genre because many of the events that occurred during the book are a prelude to what may happen to humanity in the future. Society is beginning to be controlled by machines and technology yet most of society is following the norms and the new advancements that are being made. Fahrenheit 451 has many different advanced technological materials that the present has yet to discover. Materials such as robotic hounds, 4 wall screen televisions, propaganda and jingles that constantly play throughout the public. Humanity currently has not reached those break throughs but,¬† televisions are becoming bigger and bigger, laptops are becoming lighter, and more people are buying smart phones. Ultimately, individuals may read this book and think that this is far into the future and that society will never technologically run like this. Humanity is getting closer each day to living like those in the book Fahrenheit 451, it is only a matter of time.

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