Banned and Challenged Books

Censorship is when something is deemed inappropriate and is banned in a majority of society in the media or literature. The government uses censorship to to block many things such as nudity, profanity, political ideologies, discrimation towards a race or sexuality. It may also be a way to provide strict security and surveillance over the subject matter. Certain novels and literature bring up harsh topics within society or history and make educators question whether these books should be allowed in schools. As an example “Lolita” written by Vladimir Nabakov is a book about a literature professor that becomes obsessed with a 12 year old girl. As one might notice, this book was banned in many schools such as in France, Iran, England, Argentina, and many more because of it’s suggestive and provocative passages. There are banned books and there are challenged books. Banned books means that they are not allowed to be in schools or within communities. On the other hand, challenged books which have been an attempt to eliminate the contents found within the literature. Ray Bradbury’s novel “Fahrenheit 451”, would be considered a challenged book because of the topics covered due to contrasting philosophies between society and the book. Thoughts of society without education and knowledge. Religion is also ridiculed throughout the book because of the burning of such religions holy books. Ultimately, censorship plays a big role in society and what individuals can or cannot view. It is still a big part of the media and the content that is shared with the public.