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What questions did I need to research in order to research my topic?

– does the universe have an edge?

– what’s beyond the universe?

– is the universe infinite?

– why is the universe flat?

What tools did I use in this project?

– powerpoint

– finding all the information and then placing it into my project (in the past I put my information in my project as I found it but I think this worked better)

What was the process I used to investigate the topic?

attain lots of information and then simple it down into an easier (its space not going to be easy) to understand presentation.

How did I verify and cite the information you found?

– looked at multiple sites to make sure there wasn’t something off about certain ones

– I made sure it looked like a reliable resource

How did the process go?


could you have done better?

“there’s always a bigger fish” Qui Gon Jinn

But I am happy with my results