Desmos Bonus Pre-Calc12 Reflection


Completing this Desmos bonus question reflects my growth in the critical thinking competency. I spent an extra amount of time trying to figure out this question. This task required me to combine and use multiple tools that I have learned in Pre-Calc 12 in order to slowly find my way to the correct strategy needed to solve the equation. I demonstrated my resilience through this project by continuing to work on the question after multiple failed strategies; however, after each strategy, I analyzed what went right and what went wrong with what I was doing and remembered that when looking for my next attempt at solving the question. Through all of my attempts I figured out that the only way to include all of the asymptotes was to start with the backbones of the equation that would form those asymptotes. I guessed that I was on the right track once I could get each dot included but only one at a time. I had to go back and reflect on the previous lessons in Pre-Calc 12 in order to remember that the remainder of an expression where the denominator had a degree of two could have two variables therefor a system of equations for two of the dots could be found. Once I got two of the dots at a time a new I had to do the same thing but with three variables in the system of equations which led me to square one of the factors of the denominator so that I could make a system of equations with three variables. A system of equations with three variables allowed me to include all of the points with all of the asymptotes.