Blog Log: Werewolf Syndrome Article Reflection



I was attracted to this article because it was something that was new to me and as I read I learned that the topic was focusing on something extremely rare, this peculiarity sparked my interest. I enjoyed how the author of the article gives a multitude of facts concerning the illness as well as the specific case focused on in the article. This article on werewolf syndrome reveals how mythical fantasies could have been derived from real events that were misunderstood in the past and have been exaggerated into obscure folk tales. The article also indicates the unseen hurtles that result from such a condition such as hair getting into your mouth while you eat and hair irritating your eyes. This helps show that there are problems that one wouldn’t think about for every abnormal condition such as not being able to reach items because your size is halved from sitting in a wheelchair or being largely disabled in the dark when you are deaf.