The Adventures of Pythagoras and 4 Kids With No Self Esteem

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Core Competencies Self-Assessment (Word)-1ot8msj

Fake news math reflection

Part 1

I don’t think it really matters too much if a person on social media has a fake account. What can they do cyber bully? If they are does it make a difference that they have a fake account? I don’t think they get any special power by not showing their identity so I think its no big deal. What’s the difference between fake accounts and real accounts on social media anyway, most people don’t know who their “friends” real accounts are either. Why does it matter if they have a fake account that is my thought on this.

Part 2

Do enough people believe this kind of stuff that its worthwhile because I don’t know who would fall for this stuff. Its so easy to tell that it’s fake. If you are missing a family member why would you post it on social media they would most likely have called the cops and then be looking for the person themselves. Once someone sees this what are they going to do, start looking for the person? No most likely they would forget what the person looked like in a day. There is no reason for someone to post a missing person from a terrorist attack on social media especially if they don’t leave a phone number or anything to get back too.  Most people would be to devastated to post anything on social media this stuff is obviously fake and doesn’t make any sense.

part 3

I think it is good for the economy with all the advertisement on social media and I also think it is good that information gets spread so quickly. The only problem is fake information. With everything being spread so quickly it can often change like the game “telephone” when going from place to place and other times it is wrong right of the bat sometimes being posted by someone who does not understand themselves or by someone trying to be wrong. I do think it is good for advertising but thats the thing their is so much advertisement your advertisement is likely to be missed. Sometimes people will just say “hay that place has great pizza check it out” then boom advertisement done for that place and the company didn’t do anything except make good pizza. This is why its good because places that make good food are going to get more customers by making good food and it will not matter about the advertisement. Overall I think that Social Media is a good thing for advertising companies.

Phenylketonuria Presentation




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Meiosis Video

Cell Story

Best Job in the Mattias

I have got the best job in the Mattias! Since forming in the bone marrow I knew that I had a very important job to keep the Mattias healthy but after my first mission of stopping an infected paper cut  I realized how fantastic my job was and that it was undoubtedly the greatest job in the Mattias. My job is easy, fun and tasty! When Mattias gets an injury me and my fellow monocytes rush to the seen and start lunch! We get to gobble up all of the pathogens engulfing them like giant Pac-Men. I have an important job keeping the Mattias clear of pathogens but it is also a tasty job. I am a monocyte, the largest white blood cell, I live in the spleen the largest dispatcher of monocytes in the Mattias and I have the best job ever! When I’m Speeding to work through the blood vessels this is what I sing to pump me up: When those pathogens attack! The monocytes don’t cut em’ no slack! Turtle power!



These are the questions I used to create my story

What are monocytes?

Where are they found in the body?

What do they do?

Where does their life start?

Some of the digital tools I used to answer these questions and complete my story were of course Google but I also tried out some new ones: Gale Group and EBSCOhost.


These are links I used to find my info




Assessment of project

This project was fun and I think I did well on certain things like adding my information into the story and I also think I did well when analyzing my information I used all three tools google, gale-group and EBSCO to check the information I had. Some things I could have worked on where asking a few more questions and maybe bigger questions as well I also think I could have made the story a bit more interesting but over all I liked my story and think I did pretty good.

Community connection






This is a interview I had with my mom, a soccer coach. I chose her because she is a great coach has good practice plans and is good at equalizing playing time. She gave good advice and has convinced me to be a coach when I get older.


Solution Fluency in the Science Lab


Our task was to compare the dissolving rate between two different types of headache medicines, Advil liquid gel and Tylenol. We were curious about the dissolving rate so that we could observe what medicine worked faster.


Some questions we had to ask before starting our investigation where:

How do these pills normally dissolve?

In stomach acid.

How do the pills get to where they need to go?

Blood Stream


These were our results we found.


Our experiment turned out well we had good trials interesting results and we worked well as a team but some things we could have done better such as take more photo’s, make more notes and be a bit more efficient and organized. Over all it was a good first lab with room for improvement.