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What questions did I need to research in order to research my topic?

– does the universe have an edge?

– what’s beyond the universe?

– is the universe infinite?

– why is the universe flat?

What tools did I use in this project?

– powerpoint

– finding all the information and then placing it into my project (in the past I put my information in my project as I found it but I think this worked better)

What was the process I used to investigate the topic?

attain lots of information and then simple it down into an easier (its space not going to be easy) to understand presentation.

How did I verify and cite the information you found?

– looked at multiple sites to make sure there wasn’t something off about certain ones

– I made sure it looked like a reliable resource

How did the process go?


could you have done better?

“there’s always a bigger fish” Qui Gon Jinn

But I am happy with my results

3 thoughts on “Science Inquiry

  1. Your project is very interesting! I never knew that Euclidean Geometry can be applied to so many things in Relation to Space and the Earth. To improve next time, you can add something to what the universe is expanding to as you don’t have much information on that slide. Otherwise, you did a great job!

  2. Your research and ideas on how the universe is really flat is really cool to me. Its funny how the Earth isn’t flat but the universe is. The idea that the universe is expanding into something however feels strange to me. I think that it really is expanding into nothing, and the edge of the universe cannot be crossed. Although it is fun to think about, we would never be able to reach anywhere other than our galaxy cluster because of the expansion of the universe. Great project!

  3. I like the how the theories were explained with examples, it made it easier to understand. The part about Euclidean geometry is very hard to understand but, it might just be the topic that is hard to understand. The images helped to keep my attention and it was visually appealing. Very similar to Mattias’ question. Great job.

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