Blog Log #2 – Vaping

What is vaping? Is it bad for you?
an article written by Lindsey Konkel

What is a vape?

in 1963 the very first “e-cigarette” was created. The idea behind the vape or e-cigarette was to be the healthier alternative than regular cigarettes or weed. It was also thought to be helpful to stop the addiction from regular cigarettes. Not knowing the dangers behind vaping. Vaping’s popularity started in 2010, they became more popular because of the advancements in the e-cigarettes technology.

The dangers behind vaping

Vaping was known to be “healthier” than the other forms of smoking. But people didn’t know the true dangers of the vape because it had become this big new thing very fast. It had no real science behind the dangers of vaping. Until now. There have been recent deaths/sickness from vapes and the chemicals inside of it. They are known to cause risk to the heart and lungs, but, scientists are now seeing side affects from vapes where they have been coughing up blood. The harmful toxins that go into your body from smoking this slows down the healing cells in your lungs which is the same affect from regular cigarettes.

With vaping only just gaining popularity now. There have been already 6 known deaths from the affects from vaping and over 400 sicknesses. These may seem like small numbers right now but eventually they are going to rise, and science will keep finding the harmful toxins and side affects from this “smoking alternative”


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