Blog Log #1

November 21, 2019

Should phones be banned during school?
The article was written by Derrick Meador

I was reading an article about whether or not cell phones should be used or allowed during school/class times. During this article, there were many points on how cell phones were known as distractions. Something that is used to do anything except school work. There were two sides to this article; the banning of phones during class times or during the whole school day, or, the schools that encourage having cell phones and using them as learning devices instead of distracting devices. These schools use the phones in a way that students can learn how to use them properly during class time and how it helps the teacher. With the use of technology, teachers can use websites or apps that give a direct interaction between the students and the teacher for answers and games to help better the students. I believe that the phone is an amazing piece of technology and that it should be allowed to be used during school. Yes, not everyone may use the phone as a learning tool for success. But, most people will use it to there advantage and use it to help themselves take notes easier or study better for tests.

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