Math 10 – Week 13

In this week of math I learned how to show different ways of slope and y-intercept equations. There are three different ways of showing the equation.

  1. slope intercept form
    See the source image
    slope intercept form is one of the most basic and my personal favorite equation of the three. Y = mx + b
    the M in this equation is = to slope
    and B is the y-intercept
  2. point slope form
    See the source image
    point slope form is like a harder version of slope intercept form. It’s not as bad as general form because when you look at a point slope form equation, it tells you what the slope
  3. general form
    ax + by + c = 0
    this is known as the “Useless” form. Because if you were to take a quick look at this equation, it would tell you nothing about it. Which means you get to do some very fun math.
    for example:
    2x – 3y – 3 = 0 first we have to decide on either we move the y to the other side of the equation or the 2x and -3. It would be easier to just move the y because the x is already positive on this side.
    2x – 3 = 3y the y is now positive because it switched sides. Now we need to get rid of the lonely 3, we do that by adding 3 on each side. 
    2x = 6y now were on the last step, we now have to get y by itself. and to do that we will divide 6 on each side to finish it.
    2/6x = y or 1/3x = y      now your all done!

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