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There are a lot of planets in our galaxy that are very interesting and dangerous. But what would happen if something bad were to happen to earth and we had to move to another planet? well here are some of the planets that we could possibly move to.

Nasa has made a Kepler hall of fame, which is possible planets that are in the habitable zone, which means that we could possibly live on these planets. The habitable zone a place in our galaxy where the range of orbits around a star within which a planetary surface can support liquid water given enough atmospheric pressure. 

Kepler-186f –

Kepler-186 was discovered in 2014, April 17. It is the first earth size alien planet. it is in the habitable zone, which means we have a possibility we could live there. It also orbits a sun so that it would get heat and sunlight. Kepler-186f is half the size and half the mass of the sun. It’s 11 percent bigger than earth and it possibly could have an “Earth-like atmosphere.” Instead of a 365-day year, it would be a 130-day year because of how fast it orbits the star. Kepler-186f has mountains and running water. So we could grow nutrients there and have clean water. Scientists think that it has layers of rock and copper just like earth. Kepler-186f is the closest planet to us in the Kepler hall of fame at 582 light years away from earth.

Kepler-62f –

Kepler-62f was discovered in 2013, April 18. It is the closest Earth-like alien planet to be near the same size as earth. It is a rocky world with similar gravity. The atmosphere in this planet does have more greenhouse gases than earth to keep a habitable climate. It might be very rocky but, it is engulfed by water which is a very different lifestyle than ours on the earth. It would be a 267-day year, it orbits at the same distance as Venus to the sun in our solar system. Kepler-62f is 990 light years away from earth.

Kepler-69c –

Kepler-69c was discovered in 2013, April 18. Same time the Kepler-62f was discovered. It is confirmed by NASA a super-earth alien planet. it is about 70 percent bigger than earth. But it is the closest liveable/habitable planet to earth they NASA has found so far. It also looks very similar to earth apparently. It orbits the star much as earth does. It takes 242 days to orbit a star. Scientists discovered there is liquid water there and maybe a global ocean. They predict that could be some sort of life form in the water but are not 100% sure about it. this planet is the farthest Kepler planet away from earth, it is 2430 light years away.

So if the earth were to ever stop working or overpopulation, these are some of the planets that we could possibly go to if there were ever an emergency. There is also mars in our solar system. But these Kepler planets are planets that could possibly be earth like with an atmosphere close to ours.

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