Socials 10 – Reflection

We have been learning about LGBTQ2 and how they were treated back then. I think that society was wrong and harsh too LGBTQ2 people and how they were seen as weird and some people called it a “mental disease.” people that were LGBTQ2 were discriminated and swayed away from society. I agree with all the pride parades and I completely support LGBTQ2 people.

We have also been learning about how Aboriginal people were treated back then. they had to go through the residential schools and how they tried to assimilate their culture and make them learn the “Canadian” culture. they were also physically and sexually abused. I think this is a horrible time in the past and also in society. I think that these actions in the past have affected the image on indigenous people and how they feel about us. Because of what happened back then we have broken the barrier of trust with them and it will take a long time until we can fix that trust.

These significant and horrible events have impacted us in a big way but we have learned from our mistakes and this will never happen again.

For my Art project, I haven’t put much thought into it right now but I think I’m going to make a new flag that represents our past Canada. If not a flag then probably a short story.

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