Whirligig Intro Assignment

forgiveness isn’t fully accepting and agreeing with what the other person has done, or even liking them. forgiveness is almost like letting go and moving on with life instead of dreading about the pain of what the other person did, or holding a grudge against them. sometimes forgiveness isn’t for the other person, but its for yourself.

forgiveness is hard because you never want to¬† forgive the person for what they did. You always want to do something to them, but that never goes well in the end. doing an eye for an eye never works out, it wont bring someone back or make you feel better for what someone has done to you or a person you love. because why ruin someone else’s life when you can just forgive them and let them have a chance to redeem themselves.

its also hard to be the “bigger man” as some people say it. which means that if you did something wrong to someone, that you will admit that you were wrong and apologise. that’s hard because usually you never want to admit that you were wrong and the other person is right, even though you don’t see it that way.

– Jaden Miki

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